Simmer Down Now

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Control your temper, for anger labels you a fool. (See Eccelesiastes 7:9)

Wow. Not sure there is any room for interpretation there. If you get angry (unjustly, of course) and go into a rage, then you will look like an idiot. It will appear as if you don’t have control over your emotions, which is a sign of weakness as well. Is it always easy? Obviously not or God wouldn’t have worried about putting it in the Bible. We need constant reminders to keep our cool – to have that peace Jesus gave us – in any situation. I just wrote about that here.

So moving forward: Count to ten, walk away, do whatever it takes to keep your temper in check if something or someone starts pushing your buttons…or if you’re the kind that just gets mad for no reason.

And this leads me to…

This morning as I was getting ready, my 1 year-old son was crying and screaming in his crib. It was his nap time, he was fed, he was warm and cozy…but none of that mattered to him. He was upset that he had to wait. He was mad that I wasn’t immediately catering to his wants (not needs.) This made me think that being a parent of a baby helps me understand God a little bit more.

We’re God’s kids – “babies” is probably a better description sometimes. And when we cry out and moan and complain to Him to change our current situations, He isn’t ignoring us, He just knows that most of the time we, like my 1 year-old son, are perfectly fine where we are at the time whether we know it or not. And when the time comes for our situation to change – or our nap time is over – He will deliver us into a better situation.

Just like my son isn’t on his own personal schedule, but one that his mom and I know is best for him, so, too, are we on God’s schedule. As long as we trust and hope and cling to Him, He is taking care of everything.

Author: Brennan McMahon

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